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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Site Announcement: 2nd Lyrics Feature Request Poll, the Pre-poll!

Addendum (2016/2/6): Let's put a cutoff date to the pre-poll, because it has to end somewhere. Please submit your suggestions by February 10! And feel free to leave more than one suggestion (we will pan them out afterwards to make it fair enough for everyone).

...Pheonix, Eringi, Neh Oshiete... yup we have all of the 1st Lyrics Feature Request Poll candidates done and scheduling! Yay for us able to finish something for real!

Now while the remaining six Lyrics Features of the first poll are being panned out for release in the coming weeks, let's go forward and start thinking about the next! Like the first, the 2nd Lyrics Feature Request Poll will be having 16 songs to vote for, and one Lyrics Feature will be coming out every two weeks on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, generally avoiding crashing dates with our other Features like Sympho-neighbors.

And for that, we need your song suggestions! Leave them down below for this pre-poll and we might include up to 8 reader suggestions, chosen by popularity and technical feasibility (best are Wii/Wii U/OST-confirmed lyrics, but we at least need a speculative set to work with).
Addendum (2016/1/13): As always, suggesting at any other place you can reach us (chatbox, Facebook, Twitter, email) is also accepted.

With your suggestions, we will be starting the main poll on Monday, February 15. The batch of new Lyrics Features will be starting in mid-March, right after the final Feature of the last poll, being Neh Oshiete (which is my top choice personally but oh god why it has zero votes).


  1. I suggest the song "Jingle Bells 765 Edition"!!!

    1. Regret to say that the last time I checked there is no lyrical words in Jingle Bells No. 765. We did do a SotW way back when as one of the earliest features, if that helps. Thanks for participating anyway!

  2. sSorry...
    But I recommend "mint tears"!

    1. We have already done that one too: http://taikotime.blogspot.com/2011/06/mint-tears-lyrics.html

    2. Well I recommend "Polyrhythm"!
      That song has lyrics because I watched the video of the song in the game Taiko no Tatsujin Wii 1!

    3. And we try to limit J-POP lyrics, not just because most are available elsewhere, but more because it is very unfeasible by copyright standards. We have suffered once and we can't really afford another in any capacity.