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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (25 February 2016) - March's "Butter-Free" Donchare and 12th Comments Challenge Goals

While you'll find out the reasoning behind the weird title soon, let's take a look at the next set of monthly unlocks, together with the goals for tomorrow's livestream.

Coming to the song, we have yet another console-exclusive track making its arcade debut, with Namco Original song Ne~e Oshiete (ねぇ教えて) coming from Wii U Version. Below is a reminder video of said song, whose lyrics have been suggested by Taiko Team member Oosawa, of all things!

March 2016's Kisekae outfit combo is insect-related, as it's about butterflies! The Butterfly Wings (ちょうちょのはね) body part is awarded by playing once, while the Butterfly (ちょうちょ) head gear is a Rewards Shop item. Below are how both outfit parts look like!

Did you get it? It's butter-free because of that franchise's anniversary and-

... anyway, the post acts as a reminder of another couple of relevant events: White Version's V5.07 update is live today (expect to see the new songs soon!) and -as mentioned in the title- we have the goals for the upcoming livestream's comments challenge!

This time around, while the 10k and 30k goals are virtually the same ones (new Twitter/smartphone wallpapers and custom title parts to be distributed on Feb 28th), the latter half is slightly different: with 50k comments, the Title Parts Gacha will have its price discounted from 200 to 100 points from Feb 27th to March's end, while 76.5k comments will deliver the Classic song Mars (火星) (video) from the 5th Wii title. In case of victory, the song will be made available from February 27th to March 13th.

Stay tuned for today's Taiko Team blog entry... Yes, there's two of them!

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