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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (25 February 2016) - Taiko x EXILE Collaboration, Round 2!

The Taiko franchise's 15th Anniversary celebration is still going strong, and so is last year's Taiko x EXILE campaign! Find out after the jump where it's going to branch out next.

After the lottery campaign and the exclusive content for the main arcade line and the third Wii U videogame, the recently-released Taiko Plus STH is about to receive some collaboration love! From March throughout August this year, the in-game Lottery will feature the two EXILE-themed outfit as part of the prize lineup. Claim them before they're gone!

Another limited item for the campaign is the collaboration song DREAMERS' PARADISE, which can be downloaded for free during March only. Exclusive to the app is also a custom flair that occurs by playing this song with either the Mandy or the Makidai outfit: Don-chan will talk like the EXILE member in question! There's also a TV commercial available on Youtube to watch (link).

In addition to the Taiko Plus STH content, White Version arcade will also receive more collaboration goodies! From March 9th, the already-included DREAMERS' PARADISE will be the key for unlocking the aforementioned promo outfit and a couple of brand-new Petit Charas of Makidai and Mandy. 

ぷちキャラMAKIDAI & ぷちキャラ関口メンディー

On top of that, there will be a 2nd Taiko x Exile lottery campaign for arcade players, featuring custom shower sets/Banapassports/Tote bags as rewards! Please visit the lottery's website for more details and another commercial for the arcade campaign.

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