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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

First Video - Taiko Tokaigi Album's Exclusive Content

Courtesy of Youtube user N Hui (N 会), we already have video recordings of the latest limited album's extra content! Above is the voice-only version of Soroban 2000, featuring only the background dialog between the three daring challengers of the fictional Soroban 2000 quiz arcade, complete with some sound effects.

Above instead is the prototype version of Sotsu Omeshiki, the first one in the School Matters song series. Unlike previous prototype versions, this one feels more closer to a 1st time rough copy than the actually-complete song, as this one is mostly made by chiptune sounds and no lyrics.

Always from the same Youtube user, we can also confirm that !!!Chaos Time!!! is in the album as well (video), so only 4 songs are left for confirmation.

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