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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (3 December 2015) - The Road to White Version

Get ready to see this banner one last time, as the Taiko Team is talking about Banapassport users' content on Murasaki Version that will be carried over to the incoming White Version.

There's not that much to say at this point: all the transition change types being applied the last times is also going to return for this instance:
  • All takeover data from the Banapassport accounts are referring to all the data recorded up until Murasaki Version's last official operating day (Dec 9th);
  • All the data concerning the Taiko Avatar (appearance), played songs (crowns, performance details for each not-removed songs) and rewards (unlockables, shopping points) will be carried over, as well as most of the Donder Plaza's user profiles and related settings;
  • Everything about the removed songs (and the related crowns), Don Points, Donder Plaza's Challenge/My News History log and Murasaki Version's Dojo Ranking mode (Kigurumi outfit, ranking history, removed songs as favourite tracks) won't be carried over.

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