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Monday, September 28, 2015

Twitter Snippets (28 September 2015) - Taiko Murasaki's dual Idolm@ster Collaboration

As these two freshly-typed tweets point out, the Taiko side of the two incoming Idolm@ster events is ready to be spilled out, as the official Donder page's two mini-websites are now updated with the content that Murasaki Version arcades will get.

See after the jump what's being brewed for this double feature!

Both the SIDE-M and the 2nd Cinderella Girl collaboration events will kick in for the whole month of October, with the songs DRIVE A LIVE and Shine!! becoming permanent additions to Murasaki Version's song list. While the return of Cinderella Girls custom dancers for the latter song isn't a surprise, the SIDE-M boys will have their debut song on Taiko with special dancers as well!

As hinted for the SIDE-M collaboration before, Banapassport players will get the registration codes for a couple of Ace Donder SR alt cards by clearing the two new songs on Taiko Murasaki during the month of October, with Yusuke Aoi for DRIVE A LIVE and Chieri Ogata for Shine!!.



Collaboration petit charas will also be a thing for the two events! Clearing DRIVE A LIVE, for example, will also grant a title unlock for the petit chara of Ken Yamamura (山村賢)


The 2nd Cinderella Girls collab will instead host something bigger! During the month of October, players will get tickets to spend in yet another Idolm@ster gacha machine, which will supply a random character among the Cinderella Girls Anime series' units! Together with the returning new generations idols (3 charas), all the other units will have their chibi mascot counterpart to be selected on Taiko games for 3 tickets each: LOVE LAIKA (2 charas), Rosenburg Engel (1 chara), CANDY ISLAND (3 chara), Decoration (凸レーション) (3 chara) and *(Asterisk) (2 chara).

太鼓の達人で使える「ぷちキャラ」もらえる!LOVE LAIKA
Rosenburg EngelCANDY ISLAND

Taiko x Im@s SIDE-M collab website
Taiko x Im@s Cinderella Girls 2nd collab website

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