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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Twitter Snippets (9-11 August 2015) - Summer Hiatus Tweets

The Taiko Team is resting for a week, but that doesn't stop Takemoto to drop by some tweets before and during said hiatus! Above we have one of those, announcing the return of the Summer Vacation Limited Title Parts Gacha for Murasaki users, so that those who didn't get all the title parts in the past Kimidori days have another chance to complete the set.

Yesterday, Takemoto also listed a short tutorial for crafting a Don-Chan chewing gum dispenser. Just get a generic gum jar, print on paper Don-Chan's face and a light-blue rectangle, cut the forms, glue them to the jar, and... Presto, it's chewing time, da-don~!

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