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Thursday, July 9, 2015

V Version Update: Release Day Antics

Let's split this website update from our Update Post for less clutter. For First Video and stuff do check there. Now let's see what slew of info comes after release!

Product Survey
Like with a number of recent console Taiko games, BNEI would like to ask for your feelings and opinoins for V Version after at least 3 hours of play. The survey limits to only V Version owners by asking for an Access Key (アクセスキー) from the manual. The survey closes October 8.

Survey: http://enq.bandainamcoid.com/pc/enq.php?id=taikov

Collaboration with Chain Chronicle (V)
Hmm, never expected the present code will be put out openly in the V Version site, but okay. Enter the 16-digit code into Chain Chronicle V by October 13 to receive the Don-chan Hammer V weapon usable in that game. Remember also the Normal Battle Medley now in V Version DLC!

Summer Campaign
Buy Vita1, Wii U2, 3DS2 or even previous console games at selected stores for a Taiko no Tatsujin-motif screen cleaner.

Update: Ver 1.01
Which fixes stability for DLC and other additional contents.

Shin-uchi's Console Debut
Vita1 also includes the accuracy-rather-than-combo-based score system from the arcades. For our previous take on how that works, check the Shin-uchi (Mode) article.

DLC Poll Results Part 2
Now for the actual big guns that more people would care: More DLC Poll results!

 コネクト 「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」より
Connect from Puella Magi Madoka Magica NEW!!
 エンジェル ドリーム Angel Dream

 閃光の行方 「英雄伝説 閃の軌跡 II」より
Senkou no Yukue from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II NEW!!
 幽玄ノ乱 Yuugen no Ran NEW!!

Outside of named songs, the results also include a more general "Touhou Project Arrangement" for within 2015.

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