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Thursday, July 9, 2015

V Version Release Campaign on Murasaki ver.


Let the arcade in on the fun (mostly struggles though lol) that is V Version! From today (July 9, 07:00) to September 23 (though technically closing at 01:59 on the 24th) here's a slew of additions and perks in relation to the PS Vita game.

Campaign 1: Play for Outfits, Directly!
Like Takkun and Tikkun before them, play the main theme Kibou e no Melody (希望へのメロディー) to receive two pieces of outfit, featuring protagonists Maple and Lira da Gamba. This offer does not go away after the campaign closes.


Campaign 2: Play for Tickets then for Stuff!
Play songs that are in both Vita1 and AC0 for tickets (check the special folder for a quick shortcut), which when you have enough you can turn them in for title parts (1 ticket each) and outfit items (4 tickets each)!


  • Title parts - adds July 9 and until September 23
  • Head: Medusa (メデューサ) - adds July 13
  • Body: Stone (いわ) - adds July 13
  • Head: Welding Mask (ようせつマスク) - adds July 20
  • Body: Flamethrower (火炎ほうしゃ器) - adds July 20
  • Head: Treasure Hunter (トレジャーハンター) - adds July 27
  • Body: Treasure Hunter (トレジャーハンター) - adds July 27
  • Head: Priest (プリースト) - adds August 3
  • Body: Priest (プリースト) - adds August 3
  • Head: Harmonica (ハーモニカ) - adds August 10
  • Body: Acoustic Guitar (アコースティックギター) - adds August 10
  • Head: Noise (ノイズ) - adds August 17
  • Body: Noise (ノイズ) - adds August 17
  • Head: Favourite Pot (愛用のナベ) - adds August 24
  • Body: Cardboard Box (ダンボール) - adds August 24

Campaign 2 Bonus: Get More, Spend Less
Bonus 1: get the outfits in launch week for a special discount, cutting required ticket numbers to half (→ 2 tickets)! Check the following schedule for the time span.


Bonus 2: Friendship is Magic Bonus! 2-player plays give one extra ticket for each qualifying play.


Campaign 3: New Songs Galore
Vita1 debuts are added to AC0 on consecutive Mondays! These also give tickets.

 クロス・ブルー Cross Blue - adds August 10
 女帝 ~インバラトゥーラ~ Jotei ~Imbiratuula~ - adds August 17
 チャーリー ダッシュ! Charlie Dash! - adds August 24
 Abyss of hell 「鉄拳 レボリューション」より from Tekken Revolution - adds August 31

Donder Hiroba Campaign Page

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