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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

V Version Leaks: Information Blast!

Once again -courtesy of the staff behind the Japanese Playstation blog- we come to know many new tidbits for both old and new songs featured in the game, this time about the Game Music and Namco Original tracks already revealed. Here's a skinny of the new highlights:
  • Game Music BLAZING VORTEX from Critical Velocity will have a 10* Ura Oni, together with the previously-announced extra Oni for Gimme Choco!!
  • Newcomer Namco Original Cross Blue is composed by Kawagen Collagen, featuring an unknown female vocalist. The song also happens to have 963 notes on its Oni mode.
  • Masubutchi Yuji was involved in the creation of newcomer Namco Original Megamina Sekai I, with Hisui (翡翠) as the composer.
  • Namco Original Chiriyuku Ran no Tsuduru Uta is actually part of a small song series about historical events, thus being presumably linked to Yuugao no Kimi and Theme of Alexander (by the way PS blog guys, the song has already made its console debut on Wii 5...); once that further confirmations of the trend arise, we'll be grouping the songs into a series on our Song Series page.

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