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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Taiko no Tatsujin V Version Official Update Post

As tradition demands, we're starting V Version's update post before its release, in the hope of furage leakers popping up before the game's launch or any other kind of information about V Version.

54 updates and counting. No. of songs: 88/86

54. Vith the Oni videeos of the brand-new DLC Sengoku BASARA Medley and Chain Chronicle Normal Battle Medley (regular and Ura Oni), we officially close this update post, with the remaining HQ videos directly barging in throughout the day in V Version's song list page.
--- July 13th, 2015 ---
53. V Version's songlist page on our blog now features the complete star ratings for each of the songs available at Day 1, both in-game and DLC. HQ auto-play videos are also pouring out for many songs, such as ≠MM, Charlie Dash! and Norudon 2000 among others. We're almost done with the update post rush!
52. First Video: Let's Kouken 8★ Ura Oni with 536 notes. The video has Baizoku on, but it's easy to see that the normal variety is not too taxing even at this rating, with only medium-size and rather slow groups.
51. V Version opens with the Studio Ghibli animation, then your typical title screen of Don-chan speaking the game title.
50. Chinese version: The previous three pack-in C-POP DLCs were reported to be absent for now. But another DLC 小蘋果 (lit. Little Apple) for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysian audience, and free for August 6 through September 2, according to Play-Asia's Weibo.
49. BNEI cares about your safety with Typhoon Linfa's arrival, and the Taiwan launch event will move to next week. (source)
48. There are so many new songs we are starting to lose track of what haven't been covered. Feel free to call us out for missing anything! Now more First Videos:
--- July 10th, 2015 ---
47. Surprise of all surprises, it looks like V Version's Donder Quest bears even more hidden songs! Namco Original Gashadokuro is documented to be unlockable in a similar fashion to Megamina Sekai II. 88/86
46. First videos of Butter-Fly and BLAZING, two songs from the Anime genre which offer slightly different recipes for a 7-star Oni mode. 383 notes for the former and 374 for the latter.
45. First Video: Tales of Zestiria Medley's 8★ Oni, at 621 notes.
44. First Video: Senbonzakura ver. Sachiko Kobayashi's 9★ Ura Oni, at 850 notes. Missing the notecount gimmick and slightly shorter, but has significantly more complex than the original's Ura Oni, including a 24th-heavy interlude.
43. Adding to Update 36, we have the full account for the V Version Release Campaign on Murasaki ver. at a dedicated article.
42. A new modifier in the game is Tokkun (とっくん), which stops your game after one miss, like Kanpeki, but instead of bringing you to the results screen, simply returns you to the beginning of the song, a la Bit.trip Runner. Notes hit before the reset do not count into your Taiko Counter. We'll come up with a translation later if necessary.
41. Spoiler alert, but calling your attention to Donder Quest, which this sort of storm (literally) will be greeting you. And yes, all of them count.
40. V Version's 1.01 update also brings back the old Oni mode for THE IDOLM@STER as its Ura Oni mode, like what happened to other revamped Im@s songs on Murasaki and Taiko 3DS 2 before it.
39. First Video: Megamina Sekai II with similar melodic elements from I, whose 8★ Oni has 778 notes.
38. DLC songs time! The first of which is Uchouten Vivace (8* Oni), whose speed alone is enough to ramp the song's difficulty without that much clusters! 673 notes.
37. A release-day website update, which we cover here.
36. Possibly stealing the thunder for today's Namco Taiko Blog, but here is a list of Vita1 debuts that will hit AC0 soon for the collab, as relayed by some of the Donder Hiroba users on Twitter:
  • August 10: Cross Blue
  • August 17: Jotei ~Imbiratuula~
  • August 24: Charlie Dash!
  • August 31: Abyss of hell
35. Yay for sourcing! Charlie Dash! originates from Vittorio Monti's Csárdás, which reads like "Charl Dash" (チャールダーシュ) when put into Japanese.
34. Here's an array of 'first videos' in one update, for your viewing convenience!
  • Donut Hole (8* Oni), a speedy track from the Variety genre with 732 notes on Oni.
  • Seisou Sakuretsu Boy (8* regular Oni), made of 528 notes and charting style similarities with Noushou Sakuretsu Girl.
  • Plus Danshi (7* Oni), also from the Vocaloid genre. 583 notes with little to no note clusters!
  • Let’s Kouken! ~Koi no Choueki ha 1,000,000-Nen~ (6* regular Oni), from the Game Music genre. 406 notes for a mid-paced Oni challenge.
  • TO MAKE THE END OF BATTLE (7* Oni), where the upbeat rhythms make a cluster-less chart worthy of the 7th Oni star! 602 notes.
  • Ashita e no Kodou (6* Oni), another under-7 star Oni challenge for the Game Music genre. The reverse Nam-Combo value strikes back for the Oni note count.
33. First video: Blood Rage, from God Eater 2 Rage Burst. The Taiko cut of the song doesn't include the guitar solo midway, so no hellish portions this time! 555 notes for its 7* Oni.
--- July 9th, 2015 ---
32. To round up the day, here are the three (presumably) final unlockable Namco Original tunes from the Story mode, all of which were never heard before in previous Taiko titles:
  • Jotei ~Imbiratuula~ (女帝~インバラトゥーラ~); a familiar name from the last Taiko Team livestream, this 9* challenge loves to throw away players with different time signatures and low scrolling speed. Watch out until the very end! 648 notes.
  • Zetsubo e no Toccata (絶望へのトッカータ); mirroring V Version's theme song name, this is the first of the final boss fight songs, checking in with 881 notes for its 9-star Oni.
  • ≠MM; appearing for the Story mode's very final fight, this hectic track is no afraid to shine as a boss track, as its 10* Oni mode will relentlessly hit the players where they'll be hurt the most! The Oni mode clocks at 1290 notes.
In addition to this, Megamina Sekai II (女神な世界II) is also confirmed to be a Story mode unlock. 87/86
31. First video of BLAZING VORTEX'S Ura Oni mode, ramping up to 11 the cluster wackiness of Sunset Runaway, the previous Critical Velocity song on Taiko games.
30. First video of Norudon 2000, made of 936 notes. It's not crazy-hard like the other current-gen 2000 songs, but it'll make players sweat for sure!
29. First videos for Streaming Heart (9* Oni, 726 notes) and Renai Saiban (7* Oni, 411 notes), both from the Vocaloid genre.
28. From the gameplay streaming, we have a first video of Charlie Dash!, the new Classic unlockable song. 858 notes on Oni and lots of Suuhaa 2000-reminiscing surprises!
27. First video: Seisou Bakuretsu Boy's Ura Oni, 10* with 737 notes.
26. Abyss of Hell is another newcomer song with an Ura Oni attached to it. And woudln't you know it, it's another 10* challenge with more than 1000 notes!
25. D's Adventure Note is confirmed to be another boss battle track. 84/86
24. From the streaming gameplay, we caught some other information: Anime song Butterfly is a 7* Oni, while Vocaloid song Streaming Heart is a 9* Oni. A Megamina Sekai II also seemed to be appearing during the Donder Quest mode, but the video quality was so blurry it's hard to tell that confidently... 83/86
23. Meanwhile, another first video: Lost One no Goukoku, featuring an almost-800 notes, 8* Oni challenge. Other ratings for Vocaloid songs are for Plus Danshi (7* Oni) and Seisou Bakuretsu Boy (8* regular Oni).
22. Someone is streaming gameplay at http://twitcasting.tv/cookie_ckp. Let's see if we can extract some info from the comments...
21: First video: crossing field, with its 6* Oni's 299 notes. Starring Lokamp and nigelliusnitrox stepping each other's feet while editing this page
20. First Video: only my railgun and its 429-note 7★.
19. Lost One no Goukoku is also 8★.
18. The "default songs that has Ura" category adds Senbonzakura ver. Sachiko Kobayashi (9*) and Seisou Bakuretsu Boy (10*).
17. First video of Babymetal's Gimme Choco!! on Ura Oni, counting over 1100 motes for this 10* Ura! We also come to know the Oni rating of Donut Hole, which has a 8* Oni.
16. Audio rips of Kibou e no Melody, Kokushin Chronicle, Cross Blue and Megamina Sekai I for your ears' pleasure!
15. New 10★ Classical チャーリーダッシュ! (Charlie Dash!) 82/86
14. Norudon 2000 is confirmed as a Don Counter unlock! 81/86
13. Day change for Japan! Text-only report from wikihouse: BLAZING VORTEX's 10★ Ura Oni has 1208 notes
12. First video of Kokushin Chronicle's 7* Oni mode, in shape of yet another Reverse Nam-Combo notecount (567 notes).
11. First video of RIDGE RACER (USA MIX) on Oni mode; 942 notes for this 9* challenge!
10. Out of obligation, the AC0 Asia Facebook Page has to plug a bit for the Taiwan launch event. The post does mention something about the Japanese/Chinese version difference: it appears that the language is adjustable with your PSV's system language, and not innately fixed with the copy.
9. From this video of THE IDOLM@STER on V Version, we come to know that Game Music track Blood Rage has a 7* Oni, while Tales of Zestria Medley is an 8* Oni instead.
8. A gameplay video of ideal white's Oni mode lets us know the Oni ratings of (almost) all the new Anime songs! BLAZING, only my railgun and ideal white have a 7* Oni mode, while Maji LOVE 1000% has an 8* Oni. Ideal white's Oni mode holds 498 notes.
7. First Oni video of Kibou e no Melody, V Version's theme song, featuring 672 notes and lots of 3-note clusters! The video also reveals DADDY MULK's Oni mode de-ranking to 8 stars.
6. The Café's Taiko portion has ended, so we can get a look at some of the freshly-revealed star ratings for many of the new Game Music tracks! More specifically, about TO MAKE THE END OF BATTLE (?/5//7/7), Ashita e no Kodou (?/5/?/6) and Let’s Kouken! ~Koi no Choueki ha 1,000,000-Nen~ (?/6/?/6/8). Ura Unlock picture included as well!

5. The Play Community Café stream is airing right now, revealing other ratings which will be posted here in a while. Among the highlights, Game Music Let’s Kouken! ~Koi no Choueki ha 1,000,000-Nen~ has a 6* Oni and a 8* Ura Oni. Uras are unlocked by clearing the regular Oni mode, just like Taiko 3DS 2 did before it. According to the Ura unlock notice in the stream, there will be (at least) 12 Ura mode unlocks for the game. Interesting...
4. Anime song crossing field has a 6* Oni, as shown here.
3. Oni ratings for the new default Namco Original, as shown by this picture: 7* Oni for Kibou e no Melody and Kokushin Chronicle, while Cross Blue has a 9* Oni. Further pictures from the leaker prove that not every song is in the songlist by default, as Xa is not being displayed.
2. First screenshot from the Chinese version of the game, which is apparently the first story mode boss. This confirms Xa in the songlist. 80/86
1. Starting with the currently-revealed song list for the game. 79/86
--- July 8th, 2015 ---

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