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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sympho-Neighbours - FLOWER is EVERYWHERE

Greetings and welcome to a brand new Sunday feature for our humble blog! In Sympho-Neighbours, we are going to take a look at both past and current news about general rhythm game lore, as long as the featured topics and/or subjects are also available on Taiko games in some fashion or another.

This won't be a weekly corner like Song of the Week, but if a week's end won't have that much Taiko-related news, then maybe (just maybe) you'll be able to hear something else from our Sympho-Neighbours.

The first feature for this corner is about the recent gaming spottings of FLOWER, DJ YOSHITAKA's ever-popular song from jubeat and REFLEC BEAT series. When we last featured the tune as one of last April's Song of the Week, it managed to reach all the other, currently alive Bemani music series through in-house collaborations and other minor events, with the sole exception of BeatStream...

...that was, at least, the situation until last June. Through the in-house Kaitou BisCo no Yokokujou!! (怪盗BisCoの予告状!!) event, the touchscreen-friendly BeatStream had its first chance to collaborate with the other Bemani franchises for the first time, giving out song unlock codes for the other franchises to players with e-Amusement cards (Konami's equal to Bandai's Banapassports) by playing Beatstream, while also gaining BeatStream unlocks by playing the just-unlocked songs.


As the picture above testifies, FLOWER is the song unlocked when playing the three collaboration unlock songs on jubeat arcades' latest release, jubeat prop. Below is a vide of the song in action on the latest of the bemani music games:

FLOWER's journey through rhythm games seems to be over around its homelands, but that doesn't stop it from crashing into freshly-released franchises! More specifically, we're talking about Sega's latest arcade rhythm game, Chunithm.

This keyboard-like rhythm game was launched last week, yet it didn't wait any longer for a small collaboration with external games! Thanks to a pre-release partnership, the game got two very popular Bemani songs since launch day under the Variety genre, with one of these being FLOWER. Talk about extra-speed porting efforts!

Below is a video of FLOWER being played on Chunithm's hardest mode:

This now leads us to a mind-boggling question: since the porting of this song to not-Bemani titles has become easier and easier along the years, where and when will DJ YOSHITAKA's song strike again? Could it be on MÚSECA, the soon-to-be-released future Bemani game? Or perhaps, Capcom's also-just-released crossbeats REV. rhythm game will be graced by the song's visit earlier? Or maybe elsewhere altogether?!?

Until this question will see an answer, we'll be updating the FLOWER Song of the Week page with the new details soon. Have a refreshing Sunday!

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