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Friday, July 24, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (July 24 2015) - Chaining into the Chronicle! Murasaki Version Update (5.12)

We told you about the Chain Chronicle collaboration spanning onto the arcades, and there needs to be the update that carries it. Here it is, coming August 5.

New Songs
 Feed A 「GOD EATER」より from GOD EATER (Anime) NEW!
 チェインクロニクル 通常バトルメドレー
Chain Chronicle Normal Battle Medley NEW! (+Ura) (opens August 18)
 チェインクロニクル 最終決戦メドレー
Chain Chronicle Final Showdown Medley NEW! (+Ura) (opens August 18)

And surprise contender from the currently running God Eater anime! The Chain Chronicle collab songs will not open until the collab starts, but for now check out the perks first.

Chain Chronicle Collaboration

Running from August 18 through October 13, SEGA's popular mobile RPG is put on the arcades with songs, outfits and weapons back for the main game.

  • Opens 2 Chain Chronicle medleys for play

  • Play any Chain Chronicle song for the "Seizing the Light" (光をつかむ) title and Phoena and Pirika (フィーナとピリカ) outfit
  • A-rank weapon for Chain Chronicle via Donder Hiroba, after the title is obtained

Yuugen no Ran: More Ways to Get
As contributed by the commenters of a recent livestream, now you can obtain Yuugen no Ran by clearing all Regular Oni notecharts of no Mai Series and Rose Series (Uras doesn't count), via an exclusive title.

You can also buy it at the Rewards Shop or use the usual transferring method if any of the 9 notecharts is giving you trouble, but you won't get the spanking new title.

Thus concludes the off-schedule Friday post, and next week we return to the normal Thursday schedule. Bye~

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