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Monday, July 27, 2015

Bahamut Interviews Oosawa for V Version Chinese ver.

**Photos removed due to viewing problems. Please check at the original post linked at the bottom instead.

V Version being the revolutionary game to venture into the Chinese console territory deserves more Chinese press attention. During his trip to Taiwan for their launch event, producer Oosawa also sat down with Taiwan gaming press Bahamut for an interview. If you don't read Chinese, at least the post also doubles as a slideshow of photos at the launch event.

Some major answers include:
  • Also worked on AC0, Oosawa and the team decides to double a Chinese version after seeing a heated AC0 Tournament in Taiwan, to respond to the popularity in Asian markets.
  • V Version has taken a much "mature" route in song choices (eg. more midnight animes) and character designs (eg. more grown-up proportions for Maple and Violia), to target a more mature audience.
  • Chinese DLC has not arrived but is on its way. Together with Japanese ver. DLC they would come in monthly/bi-monthly intervals at least til the end of the year.

Link to interview

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