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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First Videos: Murasaki ver. 4.08 Novelties

Update coinciding with a new month! Let me bring you First Videos first and the DonChare list later (EDIT: Done, and it's here! So cute when Kat-chan trying to [spoiler])

Firstly is the exactly-the-same-as-previous section, which we will just link because the notecharts are exactly the same as previous inclusions, save for one rating cut.
 愛唄 Ai Uta (2/2/2/3; 145 notes on Oni)
 THE IDOLM@STER (498/528/555 notes on 8★ Ura Oni)
 魔法をかけて! Mahou o Kakete! (527 notes on 6★ Ura Oni)
 shiny smile (475 notes on 7★ Ura Oni)

Moving on to actual new things, after the jump.

 R.Y.U.S.E.I. (3/5/7/8; 371 notes on Oni)

Like 24karats TRIBE OF GOLD also by Sandaime J Soul Brothers (with EXILE as EXILE TRIBE), this again plays on less familiar rhythmic patterns on a low BPM, now peppered with 24ths 4-hits. Overtaking large katsus should be no problem if you know the song's cues.

 あなたに恋をしてみました Anata ni Koi wo Shite Mimashita (3/4/4/6; 344 notes on Oni)

A light 6★ with a suitably abundance of triples, more mixed towards the end. Just remember that one note that is slightly off the stanza line to match the vocal, which can be a devastating blow to lose a Full Combo if you are not well aware.

華振舞 Hana Furumai (4/5/7/9; ??? notes on Oni)

Stealing thunder out of V Version, this is a rather challenge-filled J-POP. The opening and between the two Go-go Times are some rather tricky sets of 24ths, among a remainder of Kurenai-level cluster groups.

 ウルトラマンX Ultraman X (1/3/5/7; 552 notes on Oni)

May be a borderline 8★, note the part outside the vocal parts, which opens and ends with 12th rushes that can throw you off if you are not used to those measures, and generally more hefty surges of triples and 5-hits than your typical 7★.

 ウルトラマンX Ultraman X (1035 notes on 10★ Ura Oni)

And because it is Ultraman X it has to have a 10★ Ura Oni? This Ura Oni attains the 10th star similar to Karamari no Hana: with extreme density and mixing in various measures into long streams. But it is at least reasonably representing the guitar and drum basis without exaggeration.

 ハートスランプ二人ぼっち Heart Slump Futari-bocchi (3/4/5/7; 382 notes on Oni)

Very well representative of the actual percussion, and a very typical 7★ with no tricks anyhow. And I guess the only suitable warning is the off-beat 4-hits?

 ナツモノ☆ Natsumono☆ (3/4/6/6; 728 notes on Oni)

And the award for the most unfitting notecount for the rating for this update goes to this. There is a lot of triples and also a not insignificant amount of 5-hits, most singly colored, which is going to be more tolling of stamina than anything. And then you feel slightly more accusatory to the notecharter when although 72- reads "natsu" (lit. summer) in goroawase he/she can't just settle with 572 or something.

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