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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (14 May 2014) - May 2015's Livestream

Big news are shining today for Taiko fans, as there's a newly-scheduled livestream about the incoming 15th Anniversary celebrations! Most of its content will be kept in mystery until the broadcast, but today Eto is sharing the details of what he can say about it right now.

The stream will be aired on May 26th, starting on 7 pm (Japan time) and lasting for about three hours. As the stream will be about the celebrations behind 15 years of Taiko, the Team is going to deliver big announcements in the stream, as well as encouraging feedback from the stream's viewers. The communication with the Taiko fans will play a major rle in the next stream, as the Team is ready to continue the legacy with the help of everyone's support!

This is what we get to know about the stream before its broadcast today... and in general. Due to Eto being busy, there won't be any blog updates next week, delaying the usual Thursday blog entry appointment to May 28th. Before the hiatus, however, we'll see you tomorrow with another blog entry!

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