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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taiko 3DS2 Surprise: Sacred Ruin Ura and Kat-chan no Ekaki Uta

The January 2015 DLC pack is released today, but not as advertised. It seems that there's more to this pack than what the Taiko Team let us know!

From the livestream and on the DLC pack info in Taiko 3DS2, it shows seven songs and one Ura, all of them matsuri-themed. But what neither of them told us was that there was one more song, and one more Ura...for an existing song in 3DS2's default list!

Introducing, Sacred Ruin Ura!

Just like Picopico Ruin emulated all of Sacred Ruin's notecharts, it's only natural that this new Ura is identical to Picopico's own Ura, also containing 1000 notes. The only difference is the music.

The song that wasn't on the list is Kat-chan no Ekaki Uta; which actually isn't playable on the song select screen, but rather, Kat-chan will be present in Story Mode and challenge you with this song. It's also replayable (thanks to Lokamp for the info!)

This DLC might just be the best value ever!

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