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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (18 December 2014) - December '14 Livestream, Huis Ten Bosch and Wii U DLC!

There are many things to talk about today between Taiko Team blog entries and in-website stuff, so we are grouping them together in a single post! As usual, links for reference will be left at the bottom of the page.

As another Taiko Team livestream just passed by, one of today's blog entries is about a quick recap of the content revealed, complete with the Comment Challenge prizes; as we're making our own post about the livestream, we redirect you to the latest Quick Takeaways for a fast synopsis in English.

However, here is some stuff we haven't (or couldn't) put our takeaway blog post: the Twitter/Smartphone images for the event (which have been released just today!) and the fact that composing units Tanqun and Phenotas will make new songs for the Taiko games next year, with the former on Namco Original and the latter on... J-Pop? Talk about throwing a curve ball!

~Twitter Icon Image~

~Smartphone Wallpaper Image~


The second blog entry for today is about the Huis Ten Bosch Cup, which also was mentioned during the previous stream. This one is a small tournament event that takes place in the aforementioned amusement park's 3D Projection attraction, warranting prizes to both the top players and the Banapassport spectators as well. Taiko Team chief Etou will also be there to lead the event!

Some changes have been made to the tourney, which now will be a single-player event, in spite of the previous team-based formula. Subscriptions are open until December 30th, with the tournament taking place next year, on January 10th. For that day, Banapassport owners have a 500 Yen discount for entering the park, which can also be applied together with the pre-existent student discount.

The top 8 players of the tournament will win Taiko and Huis Ten Bosch merchandise, with the quality (and quantity!) growing bigger with higher placements: 8th to 5th places will receive a Taiko x Huis Ten Bosch T-Shirt, while the higher ranks will be awarded with prizes like the Don-Chan/Kat-Chan plushies (with custom outfits from the amusement park's mascot) and Hori's latest Taiko Pro Controller. Podium places and the 4th placer will be also displayed in projection to celebrate their results.

Every Banapassoprt user attending the event can also receive the data to unlock Yuugen no Ran on their profile! Very explicitly it is stated that this grant also works with the Asian version, making the song's first expy to the greater Asian areas. Asian Donders, plan a trip and bring it home!

For more information about the Huis Ten Bosch Cup, you can also check out the related website.


Last (bur certainly not least) is the recent update to Taiko no Tatsujin Tokumori's website, which also mentions the addition of a new slew of downloadable content for this month!

Aside from six new outfit pieces (prized 50 Yen + taxes each), the latest Wii U game is getting two new free songs from the most recent arcade update: Love x Love Whistle for the Vocaloid genre and the Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Medley for the Game Music category. Complete with Ura, no less! December's new DLC content is already out for everyone to enjoy.

With the promise from the Taiko Team of next week's blog entry being the last one for 2014 (from the livestream recap bit), we close this post with reference links to the aforementioned blog entries. Get geared for the incoming holidays, everyone!

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