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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taiko no Tatsujin Kimidori Version update post

The race is on! Find out what the latest Taiko arcade firmware has to offer on release day here!

No. of updates: 19

19. And one last new system feature, also briefly visible from the video linked below. Curated special folders will be provided based on different themes. The three special folders available as of now are, respectively, new songs on Kimidori, kids-focused songs and Touhou Arrangement tunes.
18. One last graphical change can be spotted with this Ura Oni video of Roku Chounen to Ichiya Monogatari. Now the icon being used for Oni modes will be colored in a darker purple when a Ura song is being played on Kimidori arcades!
17. Donder Hiroba now also stores the times you Donder-full Combo (getting 100% 良 hits) a song.
16. More correction on Yokuderu unlock: FC only songs with titles containing the katakana ラ/リ/ル/レ in one credit, but excluding those also has the hiragana ら/り/る/れ or the katakana ロ (ro). Examples of excluded songs include DoReMiFa Sorairo (ドレミファソライ) and Odoru Pompokolin (おどポンポコリン). Yokuderu 2000 itself can also be used regardless of all conditions. We will be compiling a (very long) list of eligible songs for this confusing condition soon.
15. Possibly the quickest star cut in Taiko history, Katte Rock has its Oni rating dropped from 7☆ to 6☆, despite only some three weeks (19 days to be exact) from its debut in 3DS2.
14. Correction: Yokuderu 2000 is not a Don Point unlockable, it is unlocked by playing songs whose titles contain the katakana characters 'ra', 'ri', 'ru' or 're' in a single credit.
13. New Classic song from Taiko 3DS2, Dokadoka (弩蚊怒夏), is also in here as a Don Point unlockable song, rounding up the three Don Point songs for this version (Sacred Ruin -> Gashadokuro -> Dokadoka)

12. Clearer view of the new pre-song splash screen, taken from the Gashadokuro video below.
11. Kimidori's Don Point system also unlocks a brand new Namco Original called Gashadokuro (がしゃどくろ) (5/6/7/8), a Taiko Samurai-esque song whose Oni mode surely isn't afraid to throw in several time signature changes for its notechart! 614 notes on Oni.
10. After many years of slumber, Linda AI-Cue's Yokuderu 2000 has finally been revived for Kimidori Version arcades as yet another Don Points unlock, thus porting every last song of the 2000 series so far under the updated star rating system. As expected, this song is no exception to this rule, as its difficulty ratings are now 5/6/7/9, as this video shows.
9. While we are waiting for other videos about the newest song, here's an high-quality FC play of Denshi-Drum no Tatsujin for a better look at the Oni notechart and the song itself! 882 notes for this 9-star Oni.
8. First LQ video of Caramel Time☆, the second new default Namco Original song on Kimidori. Once again, we have another 8-starred challenge, whose patterns are quite reminiscent to other previous NOs, like Mahou no Kissaten.
7. First LQ video of Family Party, one of the newest Kyary Pamyu Pamyu songs on Taiko. Yet another 8* Oni makes its debut on this lime-colored firmware release day! 423 notes.
6. First LQ video of Kero⑨Destiny, the third new Touhou Arrange song and the second one on Taiko games by Silver Forest after NO Chiheisen no Aeolia. It surely features some aggressive streams, arguably harder than the stamina-based challenge supplied by Necrofantasia's 10-star Oni!
5. First video of Imagination, Kimidori Version's newest Anime exclusive. The scrolling bar's speed is going to be a great enemy for its 8* Oni! 481 notes.
4. First video of Amanojaku, Megpoid GUMI's newest addition for Taiko games. 828 notes for this 8-star Oni challenge.
3. First Oni videos of Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze and Necrofantasia ~ Arr. Demetori, two of the newest Touhou Arrange songs on public Taiko cabinets.  While the former feels comfortable enough with an 8-star challenge with less than 400 notes overall, the latter easilly exceeds the 1-thousand limit thanks to the song's length.
2. Taiko 3DS 2 Namco Original Sacred Ruin is confirmed to be the first Don Point unlock song of Kimidori Version, as this video shows.
1. Starting from Kimidori Version's initial songlist, already filled with the star ratings of all the default songs thanks to yesterday's Taiko Team stream. None of the new default songs have an Ura mode, according to modern Taiko arcade games' official website.


  1. I wish the volume on the Imagination video wasn't so awful. That was one of my favorite opening themes from last season. This is the first I've heard of a Taiko version, I hope it makes its way onto a CS version at some point.