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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Song of the Week! 12 July 2014

This year I've already talked about some of my absolute favorite Namco Original songs, so it feels quite natural to also feature some of the tunes from this genre which I'm not -really- fond of... oh, boy.

 Ego Ego Atakushi (エゴエゴアタクシ)
Taiko 11 to 13, Taiko Wii 1, 4x5 (193)x7 (260)x7 (470)x9 (706)
Taiko 0 R, Taiko 3DS 1x4 (193)x7 (260)x7 (470)x8 (706)
 Taiko 11 to 13, Taiko Wii 1, 4, Taiko 0 R, Taiko 3DS 1, CD 2008

Ego Ego Atakushi is widely considered to be the first "Idolm@ster song" for the Namco Original genre, as its creators are linked mainly to IdolM@ster songs. The Japanese title simple translates to 'Me, Me, Me' ('Ego' being the Latin personal pronoun referring to self, and 'atakushi' being a formal version of saying 'me' in Japanese), while the Asian arcades offer the more straightforward title of 'Selfish Missy' (自私大小姐). Both heavily lend to the idea of very self-absorbed, egoistic girl.

Appropriately, the song is about a girl who wants to be the center of attention and is obsessed with stalking her lover's activities, through checking his phone and computer activities. The composer is Koji Nakagawa (中川浩二), who made several IdolM@ster songs (Do-Dai, relations, ...) and the Russian Folk Medley, while the singer is Eriko Nakamura (中村繪里子), the voice actress for several Anime characters and, closer to home, the voice for recurring 765Pro idol Haruka Amami. The Taiko no Tatsujin 2008 soundtrack album quotes the singer as 'Eriko Nakamura #1' (中村繪里子#1), to indicate a manipulation in the tone of Eriko's voice for Ego Ego Atakushi, turning it up by one octave.

While on its way to the new standard, Kantan and Oni each lost one star of difficulty, but the latter still proves to be quite challenging in the arcades with repeating clusters that tire out players who don't alternate between left and right arms. The song also features one of the lowest basic BPM values ever in Taiko games (about 2.6 BPM), second only to Donkama 2000's slow ending note of 2.5 BPM.

Since the first Taiko 3DS, this song is linked to Levaa, a selfish half-Mermaid, half-Leviathan creature who is one of the game's main bosses. Ego Ego Atakushi is used for all fights against Levaa, fights against this character, both on the aforementioned 3DS videogame and on the iOS spin-off game, Taiko no Tatsujin RPG Da-Don, as one of the week-long special dungeon bosses.

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