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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Site Announcement - Taiko Time Twitter!

Per this message we received from the chatbox:
Name: You should create a twitter account that (auto) posts a twitter every time a new article is created
Name: This would be incredibly helpful and your blog may become more famous
Well Name, we have not disappointed you, so here you go: the blog's very own Twitter feed @taikotimeblog! We had a soft release a few weeks back, and now we are confidently announcing a full opening!
Although not automatically, we will be tweeting out our latest articles. This would be a good way to keep track of our many features and reports!
The feed will also feature tweets on real-time Taiko scope, and retweets to noteworthy tweets from other Donders, before we come up with a complete article here.

And like the chatbox and Facebook page, we also welcome Song of the Week and Made By You submissions, as well as any general creative works. We are happy to help share them out!

So follow us today! We are at https://twitter.com/taikotimeblog. And as always thanks for sticking with us for your Taiko no Tatsujin news!

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