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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (13 March 2014) - Taiko Wii U's March DLC content

Another month of DLC songs coming for Taiko Wii U as the winter months draw to a close. Nintendo fans will really, REALLY appreciate this one!

March's DLC songs (all free of charge as usual) are all Nintendo game songs! All four of them new ones and different from the ones we've seen so far (Mario and Pokemon). The four songs are:
  • Balloon Fight (Balloon Trip) (バルーンファイト (バルーントリップ))
  • Dr. Mario (Fever) (ドクターマリオ(Fever))
  • The Legend of Zelda (ゼルダの伝説)
  • Famicom Remix (ファミコンリミックス)
The four songs will be released next week, on March 19th. Just like last month's Puzzle&Dragons tune Sakasama Sekai, the four tunes are available only for a limited time, until April 18th.

New outfit parts will also be released on that day, Among the 9 new outfit pieces, two of those are the winners of a past Taiko-related contest on Miiverse, in which the Taiko Team asked their followers to draw a new costume for one of the future DLC packs. The winners resulted in the Drum (ドラム) and the Steak (骨付き肉), which will be free to download. Here are the winning Miiverse drawings and the related outfits:

Pretty neat, aren't they? The other seven new outfit parts for this month will be priced at 50 Yen each, as usual.

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