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Friday, July 5, 2013

Taiko Team's Fifth UStream: Let's Make Music Together!

As Taiko Team's newest UStream/Nicovideo session wraps up, here is our usual summary post for those who have missed the broadcast. With the live notecharting project and a bunch of random announcements in the mix, there's a lot to talk about, isn't it? (Credit to tetsutaro for the pictures!)

As we already know, the main attraction of today's live broadcast was the 'Let's Make Music Together!' project, in which Etou and other members from the Taiko Team create the note patterns for a new song's Oni mode with the help of those tuning in. The song chosen for the event is Eternal bond, made by Ryuwitty for the latest CF contest. Turns out that this song features Megpoid GUMI as the singer, just like the very recent Juukinzou Fugitive. Please note that all the star ratings are currently placeholders! (screenshot above)

Starting from an 8* chart model by Etou, the Taiko Team and their followers from both UStream and Nicovideo merged ideas to create the final patterns. After struggling for one and a half hours, the finished product feels more like a 9* Oni chart, with a notecount higher than 600 notes.

After the end of Etou's charting project (and about 10 minutes of break time), the other half of the broadcast featured other Taiko collaborations and arcade-related stuff, many which were already announced on yesterday's Taiko Team blog entry. First stop, the schedule of 2013's big Taiko arcade tournament.


-Qualifying rounds at all major arcades from August 10 to September 16
-Area elimination matches right after that until October
-Finals at Namco's Future Lab on October 26

Same procedure as the previous torneys then, except that the finals are special; it takes place in Namco's own headquarters! For each step of the way, participants will play with completely new songs from the latest CreoFuga contest.




Like in the past, some modifies to the original titles have been made, as the song called Debu Step! (でぶすてっぷ!) changes its name into DEBSTEP! Also, Calculator's creator changed his nickname from matsuoka to M-O-T-U, in a similar fashion to Oranda Nadeshiko's creator.


As already stated, only the Shin-uchi scoring rule will be accepted for the tourney!

As Version 4.03's releasing date is coming closer, more information about the new Shin-uchi is revealed. Now, a 'Good' (可) note is worth is 1/2 points instead of 1/3 in Taiko 14, and hitting the drum hard (like in big notes) can double the points from the 可! The 10000 point bonus for 50/100 note combos (and multiples) are not given.

A Futsuu play of Zero no Nocturne followed this explanation, to show the changes from the regular scoring. Shin-uchi scores are displayed right underneath the regular one.


And now, some Dojo Ranking graphs and charts! Data for the rankings of each Banapassport player was collected since the release of the mode. The results?


This pie chart shows the percentage of the hardest Dojo Ranking trial cleared by each player, clockwise from the easiest to the hardest With the extremely harsh clearing conditions of 10 Dan, only 0.24% of Banapassport players managed to clear it...

For the record, the lower blue (2 Dan) and orange sections (1 Dan) percentages are 11.57% and 25.89% respectively.


This graph shows the performance breakdown for each course. Green means a Gold clear, orange means just clear (fulfill all conditions) and blue means a fail. The results are still frightening for the final course, aren't they?

The broadcast now heads to the final part, focused on the "other confidential information". This ultimately resulted into new details about Taiko no Tatsujin merchandise and Taiko collabs!


The first one of the bunch was the first mentioning of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX by the Taiko Team. New pictures (like this one) and trailer show a little more about Don-chan's skills as a driver, as well as the future racing game's features (3 golden shells? And you thought the red ones were bad).


After the MK trailer, a giant bear plush suddenly appeared, acting as a reminder for the collaboration between the Taiko Tori Houdai game and Kumatomo, which is going to end this Sunday. This was shortly followed by a trailer of the 3DS Kumatomo game (Kumatomo is out now for auSmart Pass phones as well).


A lot of Taiko-related merchandise appears through the broadcast, from Don-chan pillows to Taiko-themed handkerchiefs. However, the really new ones are these keychains above, which you can get only through the UFO crane games soon!


The last new thing mentioned in this live session is a new line of unannounced Taiko merchandise that can be won in the Ichiban KUJI lottery (pick a card and see if you won the item). Sponsored almost every month by Banpresto, this Japanese lottery features different sets of different kinds, ranging from common goods to Shonen Jump sets. Tickets can be bought in convenience stores and you may even be able to choose an item with a winning tocket!

The Taiko-related lottery will be called Ichiban KUJI Taiko no Tatsujin ~Aiming for Japan, Da-Don!~ (一番くじ 太鼓の達人~日本一を目指すドン!~). The release date is set for September 21st 2013, with the tickets priced at 600 Yen each. The prizes will be delivered in the form of 7 lots, with each of these lots containing 20 pieces!

That was today's Taiko Team broadcast in a nutshell. If you want to see it by yourself, re-runs of the broadcast are still available both on Nicovideo and on Namco Bandai's UStream channel.

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