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Monday, July 22, 2013

Made by You: Les Vague and more

Starting the week off with four of your lovely creations!

Right above us is a chart by AxelHino made for osu!Taiko, called 'Les Vague', which means 'The Wave' in French (the ocean kind of wave, not a sound wave or anything). One of Axel's personal favorites, this is a new Bemani song composed for the latest Pop'n Music arcade, Sunny Park, and composed by an artist named m@sumi, who isn't actually part of Konami's music team but was commissioned to make songs, hence his/her Bemani portfolio is relatively small.

The chart is fast-paced with many short clusters all around and a few streams placed in appropriate locations. Overall, nothing too difficult for the seasoned player, but watch out for those 5-note cluster successions!

Speaking of 5 note clusters, how many types of 5-note clusters are there? Can you count them out? With 2 types of notes going into 5 different locations, there are 2x2x2x2x2 = 32 different combinations of 5 note clusters. The reason why I'm talking about it is because Packer Woo's new song, simply named '5' is all about the 5-note cluster.

Except for the first few ultra-slow scrolling large notes (five of them too) the rest of the chart is literally made up of just 5-note clusters, making for an interesting experiment in chart creativity. The speedup at the end ends a really fun and refreshing chart, and ends at 900, a multiple of 5.

Want to listen to the five-alicious song in all its glory? The link is here!

Another custom Ura Oni by tetsutaro for osu!Taiko! This time it's another recent Anime song, Jounetsu de Muna-atsu, the first opening theme for Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone, the third season in the anime adaptation of the soccer team story. We've covered Inazuma Eleven's backstory in a Song of the Week post before, and you can read up on it here.

Namco wouldn't have anything like this in a casual anime song. Those 1/24 clusters and 9 note streams? The handswitch patterns? This chart could have been so much more cleverly designed, and with this, another anime song is made a whole lot more fun to play for those who want a bit more kick.

The final chart for the day is contributed by Crystalsuicune and tetsutaro, also a member of osu!Taiko. The chart in question is called 'Area 184', from a Taiwanese indie rhythm game known as Cytus, which was released for smartphones and tablets, featuring intuitive touchscreen gameplay similar to Technika. The main draw, especially for budding and indie music composers is that they can all submit their creations to be made into official charts for the game. There's even a version released for the PS Vita.

Area 184 is composed by someone simply known as 'Persona'. An immediate look at the chart will tell you it means business; tons of clusters and crazy streams at a fast speed just scream 10* Oni all over. And it just doesn't let up! Try to keep up with the frantic pacing and patterns of the song in a real challenge! There's some slight slowdown at the end but that doesn't make it any less difficult.


  1. FYI for Area 184 I mapped Oni and tetsu mapped Kantan o3o

    And Persona is totally not Tatsh,yeah.Definitely not.Don't listen to what the Korean official Cytus twitter says.

    1. The Kantan has a notecount of 184, coining the title. Just more FYI.