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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sorairo firmware 2.21 - First videos of the new GUMI songs

After IA's songs were put into Sorairo last week, the five GUMI songs that were delayed due to her birthday being today are finally released, and four of them are the CreoFUGA contest winners.

Our first stop is Last Note.'s Houkago Stride. Although itsbase BPM is high, it's still bar none the easiest song in the entire Vocaloid genre. Its 5* Oni has 504 notes.

The CreoFuga winners selection starts with Harunaba's Kohi no Aji to, whose Oni mode knows how to turn a song into a huge mess of clusters! 9* Oni with 926 notes.

Then we have another recurrent winner of Taiko's composing contests; Ryuitti, with Juukinzou Fugitive. We already had a glimpse of its insane speed during the period of the Niconico Super Conference 2, but this additional video underlines how combo count is no longer a factor for high difficulty! 10* Oni with 653 notes.

This one is Noriyuki's Dokidoki Koi no Yokan!?, a song which was previously named as 'Gumigumigumi' for the contest entry and later renamed for its Taiko debut. 7* Oni with 473 notes.

The last new entry for today is Toyonaga Gonta P's Ninjin Nin. You may remember this pretty catchy tune for a certain video released for the CF contest, starring Taiko Team's very own Etou! 8* Oni with 592 notes.

Although the third, fabled new IA song by Ishifune is still unreleased, the interviews for the Gumi contest winners are already posted today with a new Taiko Blog entry, which we'll be featuring here soon!

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