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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sorairo firmware 2.21 - First videos of the new IA songs

The 2.21 June software update for the current Taiko arcade is released today, starting with the public introduction of two IA songs which were previously featured as event-only songs for the NicoNico Super Conference 2 event. The first one is Enmei Chiryou (5/5/6/8), while the second one is Yobanashi Deceive (4/4/7/9). There is still no trace of that new, unknown IA song by Ishifuro announced weeks ago in a Taiko Team blog post.

We'll update the Sorairo-related pages again with the new Dojo Ranking lists, and there's a lot more to achieve in it than the one back in Katsu-Don. There's a really big surprise in it too...

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