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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (13 June 2013) - Let's make music together!

After the two previous blog entries about Taiko Team sensation Etou's approach on making both notecharts and music for Taiko, today Etou himself wants your suggestions for the making of a brand new chart for the incoming summer arcade tournament!

It's not just the songs that they want; now the team wants your ideas on what would make a good There will be four steps to the process.

1) Listen to a sample track!

The sample notecharts for the winning songs will be uploaded to a video-hosting website (not confirmed which site they'll be using yet)

2) Share your thoughts for the notechart!

After hearing the song, everyone will have a chance to place their thoughts about making its notechart in the comments section. Whether you want extra notes, different patterns, or feel that there should be something more to a particular area of the song, this is your chance to voice out!

3) Wait for Etou's final decision!

All of the ideas pitched in will then be seen by Etou, who will make a prototype chart based on the suggestions.

4) Watch the creation process and share your thoughts!

The prototype, once finalized, will be broadcasted once again and seen by everyone! With the communication with fans, this notechart will be completed.


So much for surprising the participants on the Taiko Tournament! But knowing them, they'll definitely leave out some bits to surprise the contestants. Anyway, they have not announced when this activity will begin, but it will definitely be sometime at the end of this month or the next; the tournament isn't going to delay itself!

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