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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Site announcement: DMCA action against song series

I woke up this morning to find this in my inbox, sent from Blogger.

A copyright notice sent against our blog, for the very first time. And no, it has nothing to do with us being a Taiko no Tatsujin fansite, but rather the contents of a single page. The page affected is the Naruto Shippuden song series page. Nothing is lost; it has just been reverted to draft and we can republish it as long as we "remove any infringing content" from the page. What in the world in that page contains infringing content in any way? Anyway, further investigation is at hand. I went to Chilling Effects to check out the claim.

Here is the claim

Wow. Some company decided to go on a killing spree of three or four different websites containing downloads to Naruto anime episodes and movies, and during their search, our blog was affected as collateral damage.

Well ain't that just dandy. We don't even offer any downloads or talk about Naruto extensively.

Right now though, we're left with a dead link over at Song Series and we have no idea how to republish the page without being hit again with a lawsuit notice. Thankfully no other page was affected, though I'm still pretty worked up over it. What if this happens to some other anime song series pages? To be completely honest, no one at the Japanese communities consider genres outside Classic, Game Music and Namco Original as 'song series' per se; that is just our idea.

In terms of Taiko no Tatsujin, we will still be as active as ever, but seeing this event, perhaps a toning down of licensed content taking the spotlight is in order. Anime charts will still be featured in Song of the Week, no one will have to worry about that at least.


  1. Not to be mean here, but I was kinda waiting for this to happen............

    1. *shrug*
      I'm contemplating a counter-claim but I don't know what good it'll do, though it's still obvious that we didn't do anything wrong compared to the other 150 or so URLs which have download links and stuff.

    2. The one pro of filing a counter notice is that this "strike" will be removed. If not and more of such unfortunate incidents happens then the whole blog can be banned and taken down.

  2. DMCA and the claim. Tch...
    That's why I hate that things.

  3. Wow...... That was close...... Hope the thing happened to my jylee18 YouTube account will not happen here......