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Friday, March 8, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb BGM Collection

Taiko no Tatsujin Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb BGM Collection (太鼓の達人 ちびドラゴンと不思議なオーブ BGM集) is the second soundtrack CD to be released only on iTunes for the digital download.

Much like the previous iTunes soundtrack, this one revolves around the 3DS videogame's BGM tunes, with an higher emphasis about the ones concerning the Story mode. There is an extra track too - the 53th - which comes with the full purchase of the album (600 Yen). Each other track can also be bought separately with the price of 150 Yen each.

Taiko no Tatsujin Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb BGM Collection has 53 tracks.

1. Title (タイトル)
2. World Map (ワールドマップ)
3. Theme of Houst Forest (ホゥストの森のテーマ)
4. Theme of Jealous Lake (ジェラス湖のテーマ)
5. Theme of Darakel Crevasse (ダルァケルの大穴のテーマ)
6. Theme of Gakuburu Mountain (ガクブルゥ山のテーマ)
7. Theme of Fuzi Graveyard (フズィーのはかばのテーマ)
8. Theme of Lou Ya Restaurant (レストラン・ロウ・ヤーのテーマ)
9. Theme of Harmony Castle (ハーモニー城のテーマ)
10. Let's Go to Adventure Da-don! (さあ冒険に行くドン!)
11. Carefree Conversation (のほほん会話)
12. Heart-warming Conversation (ほのぼの会話)
13. The Enemy Appeared Da-don!(敵が現れたドン!)
14. You Win Da-don! (勝ったドン!)
15. You Lose Da-don... (負けたドン・・・)
16. Thankful Feelings (ありがとうの気持ち)
17. Talking with Levaa (リヴァとお話)
18. I Cheated (あたしイカサマ)
19. Next to Jealous Lake (ジェラス湖畔にて)
20. Getting Wet (ジメジメするドン)
21. A World Projected by the Orb (オーブが映し出す世界)
22. Inhabitants of the Graveyard (はかばに棲む者たち)
23. Forward in the Graveyard, Da-don (はかばを進むドン)
24. Gothic Donko (ゴシックどんこ)
25. Metal Katsu's Theme (メタルカツのテーマ)
26. A Formidable Enemy Appeared, Da-don! (強敵が現れたドン!)
27. Got the Treasure, Da-don! (秘宝ゲットだドン)
28. Welcome to the Lou Ya Restaurant (レストラン・ロウ・ヤーへようこそ)
29. Mekadon's Theme (メカドンのテーマ)
30. Break Through Harmony Castle, Da-don! (ハーモニー城を突き進むドン!)
31. In a Pinch Da-don...!(ピンチだドン・・・!)
32. Princess Soprano's Resurrection (ソプラノ姫復活)
33. Which Orb to Use? (どのオーブで挑むのカッ!?)
34. Maou Appears, Da-don! (マオウが現れたドン!)
35. Great Victory, Da-don!  (大勝利だドン!)
36. The King's Words (王様のお言葉)
37. Princess Soprano finally... (ソプラノ姫がついに・・・)
38. Hooray Hooray (めでたしめでたし)
39. The Bard (吟遊詩人)
40. Treasures List (秘宝リスト)
41. Title Banner (タイトルバナー)
42. Mode selection, Da-don (モードを選ぶドン)
43. Results Announcement (成績発表)
44. Rank Certification (段位認定)
45. Costumes (きせかえ)
46. How to Play (あそびかた)
47. Game Settings (ゲームせってい)
48. Communication Play (通信プレイ)
49. Communication Play - Rules Selection (通信プレイルール選択)
50. Communication Play - Results Announcement (通信プレイ成績発表)
51. Communicating Da-don... (通信中だドン・・・)
52. Stamp Book (スタンプ帳)
53. 'That' Super Familiar 2000 Thing (スーパーにせんでお馴染みのアレ)

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