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Sunday, March 31, 2013

pikaby asks: What style of Taiko note patterns do you prefer?

This will be a short question for today; what kind of note patterns do you like seeing or playing the most?

Is it regularly spaced clusters, like those in Angel Dream? Long streams of notes with no break like Yawaraka Sensha Ura? Or do you prefer your note patterns to be slightly trickier, with lots of rhythm and beat signature changes?

Regularly spaced clusters and regular long streams with no handswitch are sometimes preferable because they're the easiest kind to work for accuracy, since you're following a constant rhythm. You don't see many DFCs of extreme shifting-BPM songs like Etude Op.10-4!

Also the topic on drumrolls; like em or hate em? Personally I love having drumrolls around, especially on console Taiko. Together with accuracy grinding, having lots of drumrolls around allows for so much more room for score attacking. One great example is Memeshikute. Constant rhythm with tons of the yellow bars, small and large. Drumroll till your heart's content, or until your arms break, whichever comes first!

Also how many of you are keen on the newer gimmicks like using faster/slower note scrolling speed, impossible balloon notes and stuff like Suuhaa 2000? (yes, the entire chart is a gimmick I swear. Doesn't stop it from being fun, but still)


  1. For me, I prefer regular clusters with several drumrolls, and tricky gimmicks. I love surprises, you know.

  2. Katsu-only regions yay! I love the sight of massive katsu hoards, and I think I deal with katsu clusters much better than don clusters. So Hikari no Kanata e Ura Muzukashii on Abekobe is a must for me every 3~4 credits on AC14.

    And then there is this kind of pattern I am really good at: Basically it is don-katsu alternating at 1/8, maybe also with occasional notes within the cracks to make 3-hit 1/16 clusters. In fact I am so good at it Caramelldansen Oni (mostly Abekobe) is the only song I can stably get 800K+ in.

    Drumrolls. The other thing about me is that I go on Shin-uchi mode quite frequently and drumrolls, being reduced to 1/3 the score (300 --> 100) there, kinda mean much less to me. Also I can't into any of those fancy drumroll techniques. So I usually skip bashing in on them and focus on keeping the accuracy.

    (PS. Reminding a fix on the Shin-uchi mode page. 可s only score 1/3 of a 良, and there is no 2x bonus for hitting a large 可 in large notes.)

  3. For me:
    1. Regularly spaced cluster. Long streams are okay for me, except long and deathstreams with more than 100 notes like Senpuu, Music Revolver (though both of them made by Zeami, my Fav Composer)
    2. I don't care about drumrolls. So, I just enjoy any drumrolls I've seen.
    3. I like any gimmcks too. Just for suprise and also fun too.

  4. fast and simple, with some longer streams (like "black rose apostle") with lots of even intuitive numbers and even some satisfying transformations into a ddkkdkdkdk combo