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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (14 February 2013)- Taiko 0 Sorairo data transfer

JAEPO 2013 is tomorrow and Taiko Team have come up with a decidedly unromantic blog post about the transfer of player data from Katsu-Don to the new firmware, Sorairo.

So, what carries over when the firmware update takes place this March?
  • All Don-chan data, including name, colors, costume.
  • All play data, including crowns and total crowns obtained, scores and detailed accuracy data for each song, number of plays, number of clears and number of full combos
  • All unlocked titles, costumes, Taiko sounds and secret songs
  • All counters of the number of times played on a song
  • Most recently played songs
  • All Donder Hiroba participation data, including friends, friend challenges, tournament entries, high scores and regional ranks, etc.
The only thing that will be deleted this time are Don Points, to accommodate new unlockables. The criticism against Katsu-Don was that titles, crowns and scores were deleted when the update came, but there's none of that for Sorairo, everything is kept now!

An important notice however, to make the big changes, players will be unable to register for online tournaments, friend challenges, or make new friends on Donder Hiroba from February 21st 2013 until Sorairo is fully operational, and will be unable to play in the Dojo Ranking mode on March 2013 until Sorairo is fully operational.

...Still no mention of Valentine's Day, huh? Oh well, see you at JAEPO tomorrow!

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