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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twitter Snippets (3 December 2012) - Two forgotten songs' comeback!

Do you remember a Namco Original song called 'Show Done Kai' (Show Done 改)? It has never appeared in any Taiko game so far, but it can be seen in the first series of promotional posters by Namco for the new arcade. It can be directly seen in one of the images with complete star ratings, followed by the rest of the songs that actually made it into the arcade. Many people called it a hoax song due to it not appearing and from the fact that the Kantan difficulty has 6 stars instead of five.

The same fate befell a more recent song supposedly to be in Katsu-Don, called 'Yuugen no Ran' (幽玄ノ乱). An image from a Japanese videogame magazine, made right after Taiko 3DS' release and the Codename Katsu-Don arcade (see here), shows said song together with all the unlockable stuff we already know to be in the arcade, also leaking the Don Challenge unlocks up to October 2012. November's DonChare song was junction, so what happened to this one?

Yesterday, a Twitter user directly asked Namco's Taiko Team about the situation concerning both Show Done Kai and Yuugen no Ran, but Namco's answer...well I think we all expected it.

The Taiko Team denied the existence of both songs, saying they never knew about them! But on the other hand, they said that they might be looking into accepting requests to make both songs a reality.

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