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Friday, December 21, 2012

Shimedore 2000+ first HQ video

Happy end of the world! To end it properly we must have a perfect ending song, and Taiko's perfect ending song has always been Shimedore 2000, the 'end' of the first phase of 2000 series songs. And it has landed on Taiko PSP DX yesterday as part of the last DLC pack.

So, what's different in Shimedore 2000+? It's not the soundtrack version; it has a slightly extended ending after Kidaruma 2000 like for the "Donderful!" version, adding a 'ze' sound at the back of 'kyou no fuku wa kiiro' instead of ending abruptly there like usual. The main difference is that the censor sound in Ekiben at the short drumroll is also gone, but what replaces it....well it's difficult to hear it properly. Wanya World on PSP DX similarly also has the censor sound removed but you can hear it perfectly on the soundtrack CD, arcade and Taiko Wii 4.

So basically it's the same as regular Shimedore 2000, with 1414 notes.


  1. I didn't notice the that the censor on the ekiben part was removed.
    Also Mekadon didn't perfect this 1410/4/0

    1. Capture software glitch from PSP causing lag for Mekadon, regular occurrence.

    2. I know, the cpu on the psp isn't really strong (it's only 222 MHz which can be overclocked to 333 MHz), remotejoy needs the 333 MHz to run and since Taiko no tatsujin automatically overclocks the cpu to 333 Mhz during play and uses like 80% of it, the game to lags a bit. I just tried underclocking the cpu to 166 MHz, and oh boy does mekadon fail at every song xD