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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (6 December 2012) - CreoFUGA interviews final part

One week after the release of the PSP DX download pack for November, the final set of interviews for the CreoFUGA winners are finally here! Introducing the seventh and eighth winners:

Mihile, who made the Namco original song 3piece-Jazz Party
Joe Kiyoshi, who made the Rage Racer remix song RAGE v.self

Mihile has been waiting in anticipation for his song to be in Taiko for a long time; well he finally gets to see 3piece-Jazz Party come out. Of course he's happy to see it! Joe feels that there are lots of professional sound designers in the list of winners and in the entire participants list. Over the past half a year after the contest ended he's felt that his skills in making music has improved, it feels like one of the great crossroads and a turning point in life. He hopes that all players will have fun playing his song.

The inspiration for Mihile's song was a jazz piano CD, which led her to make a 3-piece instrumental with jazz. Mihile thinks anyone could have made 3piece-Jazz Party, as he mentions composing it in his free time, and had to correct many errors on piano keys while making it. Joe loves the Rage Racer music and composed this remix with "a desire to win" as its theme. He faced quite a few difficulties making the song, the most work being spent on timing his guitar and vocals for it.

Mihile loves game music, and even listens to Taiko songs. He likes 'Etude Op.10-4' and 'Sports Digestdon' in particular. Joe on the other hand is a universal listener and likes rock songs. He's been listening to '30 seconds to mars', an American band. Not bad!

You can find Mihile at his website, while Joe provided his Facebook account.

Mihile's message to donders: He is a huge music game fan, and to play a song of his own making in one is a dream, though he can't DFC anything, he is satisfied enough to FC most Oni level songs. He wants donders to challenge his song! Though he has a request to Etou not to make it too difficult (well we all know how Etou makes insane charts)
Joe's message to donders: If you like cool rock songs with a high tempo, Rage v.self is for you!

The interview is followed by a brief explanation of what Rage Racer is; a spinoff of Ridge Racer made in 1996 for the PlayStation.

And that's a wrap for the eight winners of the CreoFUGA PSP DX music composing content. Enjoy the eight songs, and keep on Taikoing!

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