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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (25 December 2012) - Katsu-Don 6.09 firmware Update and January 2013's DonChare unlocks


Merry christmas from Taiko Time! Today's special blog entry is about another version update for the current Taiko generation.

Coming out tomorrow, on December 26th, Game Version 6.09 does not have any new songs or added features, but it prepares the current Taiko arcades for the next few Don Challenge unlocks.

And speaking of Don Challenge, today's blog post also spoils what Banapassport users can unlock by playing on January! January 2013's Don Challenge song is Dokidoki Mune Kyun Omatsuri Time, one of the seven Namco Originals spawned from last year's CreoFUGA song-making contest.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Just like the previous set of CreoFUGA songs on the arcade, clearing the freshly-ported song from PSP DX will progressively unlock the other CreoFUGA songs and new titles for Banapassport users. Clearing Dokidoki Mune Kyun Omatsuri Time will unlock Kaze no Kuni no Ryu to Kishi, then clearing this one unlocks 3Piece-JazzParty! and clearing this in turn unlocks RAGE v.self.

The costume unlocked for January 2013 is called Kagami-mochi (鏡もち), a sticky treat usually made for the new year; as usual, just play Taiko 0.5 once in January to unlock it.

Tune in next Thursday for the last Taiko Blog entry for 2012!

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