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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Made by You: Pink Rose Obsession and more

Look at all the Taiko charts you guys have submitted to us! It's going to take a while to check these all out, so do inform us if we've missed your chart! Some of them will also be put off to a later date; and since next week's Christmas week, if any of you have any special Taiko charts you want to share (holiday-themed or otherwise), drop us a video link at the usual places and we'll try to feature them all.

Packer Woo has the most charts today; a whopping three of them. Two are his own compositions, the first being Pink Rose Obsession (video above), his fan-made sequel to the Rose series of songs. Very similar in style to Black Rose Apostle in terms of the progression of the song (slow portion followed by relentless streams, a short break of silence then the climax), it has a normal and a Ura Oni chart which are also very similar like Black's, except Ura has slightly more notes and complicated patterns. You can watch the notecount tug-of-war above; there are many instances where the regular Oni's combo exceeds the Ura!

You can listen to Pink Rose Obsession here, a very high tempo baroque melody.

Second map by Packer is 'Future Shop', a mellow electronic tune very reminiscent of video game music that plays when you enter shops of any kind to buy things and the menus show up and this music plays in the back. In fact, that's the exact thing Packer was going for while making the song (listen to it here). The regular and Ura charts are another experimentation with notecounts; the regular has a more constant level of difficulty while the Ura has many empty spots but loads of streams in certain places.

Third chart from Packer is from Bemani this time, an ominous-sounding dubstep song called 'Remain', composed by ZERO+ZIBA (Kosuke Saito@kors k and Jun Wakita@wac's collaboration alias) and made its debut on Pop'n Music 19 Tune Street as one of the boss songs on that version (level 42). While it is nearly top-tier difficulty for Pop'n Music, Packer made a very reasonable 9* Oni chart for it, with many places to trip players up and change in beat signatures. Lots of streams at the piano melody at the end, so watch out.

Now on to osu!Taiko. tetsutaro is getting into the winter holiday spirit early with this track by Kaela Kimura (J-Pop), A winter fairy is melting a snowman, the artist's 16th single released on October 2010 on limited edition albums of hers, and obviously themed around winter and Christmas. A special Xmas version was also up for download for no charge at all. Appropriately, the single went up to No.2 on the Japan billboards in December. It was also used in a TV ad for the telecommunications company DoCoMo.

A 7* Oni chart (with accompanying Muzukashii), it is slightly fast with sparse clusters, mostly focusing on 1/2 beat patterns. Perfect for celebrating the holidays (there are more holiday charts on the way and we'll see them next week!)

Last but not least we have another chart by CoroQuetz, another mapper for osu!Taiko. This song is 'Awakening the Chaos', composed by Yoshihiro Kusano for the Arc System Works fighting game, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. A very anime-ish 2D fighter, BlazBlue has always been known for having deep character exploration and backstories, something that is not explored very often in this genre. Calamity Trigger is the first game in the series, released on arcade and PlayStation 3, and Awakening the Chaos is the music that plays on the fight with one of the boss characters, V -NO.13.

The regular chart (above) and Ura chart (here) are very similar with the Ura being the full version of the song, and both have a slight speedup in the middle of the song to match the tense atmosphere. Great boss song!

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