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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taiko 0: How to use Game Modifiers, Taiko Sounds

Like the old method of turning on gameplay modifiers and Taiko sounds in the arcade, Taiko 0 also handles both on the difficulty select screen, except the method of doing so is much easier and not hidden behind a series of drum hits that normal people would not know about.

After choosing a song, the difficulty select screen is as shown above, with two other submenus next to the four main difficulties.

The menu in green is for gameplay modifiers, and the one in pink is Taiko sounds. Note that extra Taiko sounds are only accessible for players who have unlocked them using their Banapassport profile.

Simply go over to the menus using the rim, and hit the center to bring up the menus shown in the bottom left and right corners.

The one on the left are gameplay modifiers, and you can choose a combination of up to four. The first row for speed modifiers (x2, x3 and x4), the secondrow for Invisible (Doron), the third row for Reverse (Abekobe) and the final row for random modifiers (Kimagure, Detarame). For Taiko sounds simply hit the rims to choose the one you want.

Hit the center to confirm your selection and go back to difficulty select.

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