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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taiko Sounds

Works on Taiko 11 and newer
On the difficulty selection screen, while Don-chan is on Kantan (or the tutorial), hit the drum's left rim once. To change the sound to the one you want, keep on hitting the left rim till you get to the one you want.

For console Taiko sounds, click here.

Basic (for all versions of Taiko)
-) Taiko (太鼓)

Taiko 11
-) Wooden Fish (もくぎょ)
-) English (えいご)
-) Farts (おなら)
-) Dog/Cat (いぬねこ)

Taiko 12/ 12.5/ 13/ 14
-) Amazing Drum (すごい太鼓)
-) Rock Drum (ドラム)
-) Tambourine (いいタンバリン)
-) Don/Kat! (わだどん)
-) Gong (ドラ)
-) Hand Clap (手拍子)

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  1. Who play a song as "rotter tarmination" with these sounds ? ^^''