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Friday, October 19, 2012

Made by You: TaikoMy2000 and more

Remember the mysterious fanmade 2000 song from two features back? Yep, it is now revealed in its full glory on the anniversary of the Malaysian Taiko no Tatsujin fangroup, TaikoMy, on the 16th of October (3 days ago). Here it is!

The above is its notechart...woah this is fully insane. From a base BPM of 212 it goes all the way up to 254 at the ending, with 1/6 notes there too! Loads of references to 2000 songs, and three of them heavily influence the creation of this song in particular; Saitama 2000, Kita Saitama 2000 and X-DAY 2000. You can listen to the song here, with lyrics provided too. The robotic voice belongs to jylee18 himself, and this song is his way of celebrating the anniversary of the Taiko fangroup on Facebook. How nice!

But it doesn't end there...there's an even more insane Ura chart for TaikoMy2000, crossing the 999 note limit! The note patterns in both regular and Ura charts are made according to a survey on the fangroup's members' favorite Taiko authentic notecharts, to which there were a whopping 40 responses. Now this is the ultimate tribute!

Next up, Packer Woo's follow-up to MIZU-I has been released! MIZU-II Lijiang is a slow song. Actually, slow is an understatement; it is really, really slow. Like, Bolero slow. The slowness and relaxing tone of this song expresses the beauty of the Li River in China. Good job sticking to the water theme!

You can listen to the music alone here.

This song, again by Packer, is the final boss music of the arcade-style surgery game Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 for the Nintendo DS, versus the ultimate GUILT virus Aletheia. The song's name is 'Severing the Chains of Fate' and is appropriately tense and awesome in its gospel style. The chart is a high tier 9* with unrelenting clusters.

As usual, all the charts can be downloaded in the description of their respective videos. Have fun!

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