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Monday, October 1, 2012

Made by You: New Shimedore 2000 and others

Been a while since we had a fan feature, so let's get to work! Since we didn't manage to feature many maps from Yusri Khairi last time, let's show some here and a few more from others.

The Shimedore 2000+ featured on the Full Combo soundtrack was...how do you put it...a little underwhelming. And since it's no longer the final 2000 song, Yusri Khairi decided to extend the song even further, calling it New Shimedore 2000. Guess the new additions! Yep, everything until Suuhaa 2000!

An upgrade of the J-Pop classic Sakuranbo. Now as a full version song, and since Taikojiro isn't limited to an arbitrary 999 notes it's easy to go all out!

The K-Pop song that's on everyone's mind right now is this; PSY's unexpectedly massive hit Oppa Gangnam Style, which won the world over (yes even non-K Pop fans like me included) with its wacky dance and voice. And here's Yusri's fanmade chart; I wouldn't be totally surprised to see this song in a future official Taiko release myself.

Now one from Packer Woo, who continues to churn out Bemani songs. This time he tackles another fast favorite; High School Love from Pop'n Music 14 Fever. Fun and easy to understand, it wouldn't seem out of place as an Angel Dream style song either.

And finally....what is this? A new 2000 song in the works? What's its name?

A hint was dropped over at Facebook that the name is 'T.....M...2000' but listen to this demo anyway; you'll get it right away. Sounds like a tribute to Saitama 2000. Wonder what the full version sounds like? Created by jylee, this one.

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