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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Ketteiban costume gallery

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Ketteiban has the largest set of costumes ever in any Taiko game; more than 100 of them. Each costume is given to players for passing each song in its songlist, and is a collection of new costumes plus old ones from all previous console Taiko games.

Costume rips courtesy of Zekira, click the image to view the costume full-size. * indicates that Don-chan has an alternate voice when this costume is equipped.

AppleDonutSparkly JewelHeadband
ShisaSwimming GearFortune CatHeadphones
MouseToasterBaby Don*Princess*
NinjaPirateStrawberryShower Cap
Meat BunAmbulanceShortcakeStudent Don
Kindergarten Don*Chibi Don*MikuClassic Composer
Puffer FishSyringeKappaFried Prawn
Santa ClausGentlemanBeeDice
EagleFrogFire TruckT-Rex*
Green TankYamSkeletonTuna
CowPencilSteam TrainHeavy Metal
IdolmasterDon CoasterYokozunaSilver Don
Gold DonStag BeetleHamburgerCat
CastleIce Armor*Fire Armor*Hearts
DevilDrillLightning God6-Hand Drum
Red CowSheepCastellaMt. Fuji
Soda CanRibbonAngelTiger
White TigerBlack DrumKotatsuPanda
Festival BossSilver WingsGold WingsPrince
SnakeLobsterTreasure ChestBoar
Death Metal*Gangster*Gang Leader*Gothic Dress
Koi FlagTrainElephantMappy
Silver ShachihokoGold ShachihokoDesert Tank

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  1. Yo can you tell me again what I need to accomplish for the 3 missing costumes? I'm kinda lazy to read the thread again lol.

  2. silver sachihoko, not full combo in shimedore 2000
    desert tank, joubutsu 2000
    idk what about the other one