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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (13 September 2012)- Taiko PSP DX September 2012 DLC

Another month, another lot of songs! Let's see what they are this time.

The 3rd and 4th CreoFUGA songs are here, after DIMENSIONS and Dokidoki Munekyun Omatsuri Time from July! They are in the Namco Original section. There are 6 songs in this pack.

Flying Get (フライングゲット)

We Go! (ウィーゴー!)
Orion o Nazoru (オリオンをなぞる)

Game Music
Doom Noiz

Namco Original
Oranda Nadeshiko (和蘭撫子)
Koi no Shohousen (恋の処方箋)

Flying Get is the recent AKB48 song which graced Taiko 3DS. In the anime section there is the recent One Piece opening and the Tiger & Bunny song about to head to Wii5 from the arcade. Doom Noiz makes its way in to destroy PSPs and cause much rage.

The two new songs in Namco Original are CreoFUGA winners as mentioned. Oranda Nadeshiko (Pretty Girl of Holland) has female vocals, while Koi no Shohousen (Prescription of Love) has male vocals instead, and according to the team is a pretty sounding song. This song is composed by an alias Suzuki Taro (スズキタロウ). You can listen to the samples of the two songs over at the Taiko Team blog!

For the record, Koi no Shohousen comes from composer bona's Mune ga Dokidoki! Koi no Shohousen! (ムネがどきどき!恋の処方箋!); the change of name is probably applied due to the similarities with the name of another CreoFUGA winner. The alias of the person who composed Oranda Nadeshiko is still unknown, as the song's name is slightly different from the submission title.

All songs are as usual, 150 yen each except Doom Noiz, which is free. You can buy the CreoFUGA songs in a pack for 200 yen.

The release date is September 27th, 2012. Get ready!
As a side note, Etou will be taking a one week vacation from tomorrow until the 21st, so the Taiko team's Twitter account will temporarily be inactive. However, the next blog post on the 20th will go on as scheduled.

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