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Friday, August 10, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (10 August 2012) - Taiko no Tatsujin x Puzzle & Dragons


Before the incoming week-long hiatus for all Taiko-related activities, the Taiko Team pops up once more to announce a new collaboration concerning the Taiko iPod game and a Japan-exclusive puzzle game called Puzzle & Dragons. How can rhythm games and puzzles link together and score high?

Before talking about the collab's gifts from both sides, you might want to know what Puzzle & Dragon is. This puzzle game from software house GungHo, released in 2012 for iOS, offers a variation of the classic "Connect the same colors" puzzle concept, by adding some RPG-styled elements inspired to old-school dungeon crawlers, like Puzzle Quest added RPG to Bejeweled.

During August 13th-26th, the players of said puzzle game will be able to play in a special dungeon, filled with some of Taiko 3DS's characters and generic villains! Don-chan and Raruko will be here as well.

On the other side, Taiko no Tatsujin Plus gives the opportunity to download one of Puzzle & Dragons' tunes for a limited time. The promotional Game Music Puzzle & Dragons (Boss song) (パズル&ドラゴンズ (ボス曲) ) will be available as a free download in August from 10th to 26th, so hurry up and grab it before it's too late!


Both the games have to be updated to their latest version (1.8.0 for Taiko +, 3.0 for P&D) in order to enjoy the collaboration's benefits.

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