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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS costume list

Instead of being able to change colors for Don-chan, Taiko 3DS allows you to choose between the four different drum characters, the yellow and green ones being introduced in Taiko Wii 3. There are four sets of costumes, one set each for Don-chan, Kat-chan, Calcutta=Dondi (yellow Don) and Yomogimaru (green Don).

The costumes in each set look similar to each other with a color change or slight reskin, and each set of four is unlocked all at once (example: unlocking the Sweets costume would also unlock the Blueberry Mousse, Orange Bavarois and Green Tea Parfait costumes at the same time). However each character may only wear a costume allocated to it, eg Don-chan cannot wear any of Kat-chan's costumes.

For how to unlock the costumes, click the link to the unlockables page at the bottom of the table.




Happy Festival
Red Happy shirt
Yellow Happy shirt
Green Happy shirt
Sister Maid
Tsundere Maid
Gothic Maid
Blueberry Mousse
Orange Bavarois
Green Tea Parfait
Soccer Ball
Bowling Ball
Golden Taiko
Silver Taiko
Bronze Taiko
Jade Taiko
Scary Shark
Cool Shark
Cute Shark
Blue Train
Brown Train
Green Train
Chibi Don
Chibi Katsu
Chibi Calcutta
Chibi Yomogimaru
Ramen Stall
Yakisoba Stall
Crepe Stall
Kebab Stall
Heavy Metal
Rock Star
Heavy Metal Animal
Heavy Metal Kabuki
Portable Shrine
Platinum Shrine
Bronze Shrine
Emerald Shrine
Blue Tengu
Yellow Tengu
Green Tengu
Blue Warrior
Golden Warrior
Silver Warrior
Polar Bear
Pink Bear
Grizzly Bear
Panda Bear
Hero Don
(ゆうしゃ どん)
Hero Katsu
(ゆうしゃ かつ)
Hero Calcutta
(ゆうしゃ カレクッタ)
Hero Yomogimaru
(ゆうしゃ よもぎまる)
Mirage Castle
Legend Castle
Secret Castle
Beef Ricebowl
Fish Fillet Ricebowl
Curry Ricebowl
Giant Ricebowl
White Peacock
Gold Peacock
Rainbow Peacock
Big Ribbon
Striped Ribbon
Checkered Ribbon
Leopard Print Ribbon

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