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Monday, July 30, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (27 July 2012)- Two minor Taiko 0.5 updates

Less than two weeks after Taiko 0.5's update is out and already we're seeing a firmware update for it? Don't worry, it's pretty minor stuff they probably forgot to add in.

Because the songlist is getting really large (over 200 songs!), the folder system was introduced from Taiko 11. And now to save even more of our time, Namco is adding in a feature to close the folders so players can skip through genres even more easily. Simple tap the right kat followed by the left kat quickly to close the folder, like you would do to sort songs by difficulty in Taiko 10-14!

The update (Game Version 1.03) goes live on August 1, 2012.

That very day is also the beginning of the first Don Chare, so expect another update on it on that day!

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And another post made just two hours later, to tell us about the FAQ page they have set up for Taiko 0.5 Simply head here to see it (or here if you're on a mobile).

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  1. It's FAQ section about the update only...
    And I was thinking of going up there and request oversea implementation...

    1. Oh okay. Fixed.

      Also orz to Namco for not bringing 0 out of Japan