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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fan Feature: Be Green! and others

Tomorrow's another busy day for us with the arcade update and all, so here's another round of custom chart features from our dedicated readers before we start! Don't hesitate to submit yours; either by email or shared on our Facebook group! Let's see what we have in store today.

jylee18, one of our most avid contributors, has made his own music before, and this is another one of his ambitious projects. He's recently snagged a copy of voice synthesizing software Vocaloid 2 (Hatsune Miku) and created his own song with it and another music synthesizing software. Called 'BE GREEN!', the song is a remixed rock song which sends a message to the world to stop pollution and things that are harming the environment. Spread the word!

The song is in full English, and we all know how Miku handles English....not so well, it's a lot of garbled romaji, but jylee18 has uploaded a 2nd version of the song with major fixes to Miku's pronunciation. You can listen to the song here. The video above is an 8* Oni chart for BE GREEN!, with a Ura Oni chart too.

Here's the Ura Oni, with 900 notes and more dense clusters.

And now, another one from Yusri Khairi, who's got five more custom maps uploaded to his channel. Here's one of them, the Jubeat cover of Bach classic Heaven and Hell (Orpheus in the Underworld)

Borrows heavily from the Master route notes of Taiko's Heaven and Hell with a few added in, it even has around the same BPM too. A familiar way to enjoy a different version of a song we've probably played before!

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