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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taiko 0 update is live today!

The big day is upon us! And as Namco promised, there definitely is a few more things that were added in the update other than the new songs. I won't hide them, just scroll down and read!

The songs introduce with the update are:
  • J-Pop song RISING SUN, by EXILE
  • Anime songs We Go! from One Piece and SWITCH ON! from Kamen Rider Fourze
  • Namco Original songs Blue Rose Ruin and Toryu
As expected, Blue Rose Ruin gets pushed down to 8* in Taiko 0, making it easier than Red Rose Evangel (even though it still seems like the both of them are on equal footing in terms of difficulty).

RISING SUN is a 5* Oni (3/3/3/5). 330 notes on Oni.
We Go! is a 6* Oni (3/2/5/6). 569 notes on Oni.
SWITCH ON! is a basic Oni chart at 3* and looks like a new child-friendly song (1/1/3/3). 246 notes on Oni.

Toryu's HQ video is as follows and will be the one used in this site until a better HQ is found. It is an 8* Oni (4/5/7/8) with 541 notes. So much for hoping for a new 10*.

Besides the new songs, two songs receive Ura Oni difficulties for this update. They are:
  • Anime song Lion, from Macross F
  • Namco Original song Ao no Senritsu
Yes you heard right, the new 10* from Taiko PSP DX, which was downgraded to a 9*, now gets a new chart which pushes it back up to 10*! It has 976 notes and is way more frantic than ever before.

As for Lion Ura, it is 7*, up from 6* on regular Oni and has 487 notes.

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