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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rhythm game mashup on Taikojiro, part 2

More dream crossovers within Taiko and other rhythm games await our readers!

Original gameplay

You really can't walk into a rhythm game crossover without mentioning Bemani, as theirs is the biggest rhythm game brandname not just in Japan, but in the world. This song originally comes from Beatmania IIDX, where players are given seven buttons and a turntable to play with. The layout of the buttons are narrower, making it possible for a single hand to reach all of them and the other hand to stand by on the turntable. It's also possible to play with 14 buttons if you're a masochist (double-play).

The song played is Piano Concerto No.1 'Anti-Ares' (pronounced 'sasoribi (蠍火)' in Japanese), named after the supergiant star, the 16th brightest star in the Milky Way. Many other Taikojiro players have made various notecharts for this piano instrumental, but this is one of the hardest you can find on Youtube. Watch out on those streams!

Original gameplay

Next, Nintendo's very own (and only!) rhythm game series. The song played above is from the DS videogame Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Tengoku Gold in Japan), which actually has its origins in the arcade and then put onto Nintendo's home consoles, starting with the GBA and moving up to Wii. The mechanics of the original are very simple; tap a button or a combination in time to on-screen prompts in various rhythm minigames. It's a good way of learning beats and developing a sense of rhythm.

The song above come from its final Remix Stage, where all the minigames in the game are mixed up for the ultimate challenge. Try to spot all the different games, if you have already played it before!

Original gameplay

Since you guys liked neu so much last time, I've decided to end this little corner with its remix, also from the Pop'n Music game series. As its title may suggest, uən (with an inverted 'e') is a mirrored version of neu, with new lyrics sampled from other PSP-exclusive songs.

200 BPM is not easy to digest, especially with user-made songs! What the human eye can recognize as easy-to-hit note patterns, the speed contributes to mess up the equation (like in Black Rose Apostle)

1 comment:

  1. uen is awesome with negative BPM's at beggining, and pretty much reasonably hard. It could be awesome to see it in arcade.
    And piano concert no.1 is great too, author did very decent work on it.