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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (1 March 2012) - Yet another arcade update

Several weeks after the previous Taiko 0 update, Namco updates the Taiko 0 software version once again, and this time it's just not a cosmetic change, but something far better. Oh! Could it be...?

Yes! The first batch of brand-new songs to be distributed via online update is finally here! Five of them, perhaps as a test run, but new ones, nonetheless. One of them is a fast favorite from Taiko Wii Ketteiban.




  We Go! (ウィーゴー!) (from One Piece)
  SWITCH ON! (from Kamen Rider Fourze)

▼Namco Original▼

  Toryu ~Toryu~ (冬竜 ~Toryu~)
  Blue Rose Ruin

The most eye-catching of the lot are obviously Blue Rose and that new Namco Original right above it, called Toryu. The naming style is nearly identical to that of the Kikyoku songs, but unlike Kikyoku, the phrase is actually plausible in Japanese and not Chinese letters, and the word at the end isn't in English. The composer is different too, not from Cai Fong Le Fang, but from a different person, known only as Ayu♪.

Ayu♪ wrote a short introduction to the song on this week's entry, though there was no preview to listen to. The music is extremely fast-paced and full of energy, like one would expect when they fight a very tough RPG boss battle (appropriately the English translation of the title is 'Winter Dragon'). Sounds like fun to me! Based on his comments the song is difficult. Is our new god-tier song finally arriving? I can't wait!

Whether it's a Kikyoku song or not, more analysis is needed, but for now enjoy the news.

Another hidden message can be read on the blog page's source code:


The update will include more than just what is being published on the blog. That's the message in a nutshell. Something from Etou himself is coming (ten bucks he's the notecharter for Toryu)

Taiko 0's online update to ver. 2.03 will be distributed March 13th; also note that the next blog entry will be posted on Wednesday, a day earlier. The 10th anniversary is coming to a close; could this be the final surprise?

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  1. If Blue Rose Ruin becomes an 8* on Taiko 0 I'm going to smash through a wall

  2. There's a high chance it will, lest it become the easiest 9 star in Taiko 0.

  3. "Is our new god-tier song finally arriving? I can't wait!"

    Fuck please no, not yet...

  4. Hey, we still need new 10* challenges!
    We aren't satisfied enough with the two new high-tier Uras :/

  5. I just noticed something. The artist isn't "Ayu", it's "Azu".