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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (16 February 2012) - Taiko 0 at AOU Expo 2012


The AOU Amusement Expo is supposed to the the annual arcade gaming event of the year in Japan, where Japan's latest arcade games are shown, and Namco Bandai are on hand this year to show Taiko 0 (why they weren't present in all previous years baffles me). On the day of the event, which is on the 18th of this month (Saturday), Taiko 0 units can be tried out for free. Yes, free play! You don't get this chance very often in regular arcades, so if you have a Banapassport it's your chance to fill up free Don Points if you haven't unlocked everything yet. Limited edition Banapassport card designs will also be given out at NBGI's booth.

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